Fresh Start

For those who have loyally followed me since the inception of this blog, those two words have probably lost all meaning to you. I seem to have a fresh start every year and nothing changes.

But this time I’m serious. So serious, I’m completely redoing my blog. I’ve decided to either make all my blog posts drafts or delete them and do this properly. I’ll have a schedule and genuinely stick to it, and make what I blog about clearer. Of course, I might change my interests, as people do over time, so some aspects might be added or removed. We’ll see.

I will definitely be reposting all my writing posts, so don’t worry about that. As for the other posts, my reading reviews (and any others) will now live on my review blog, which I have also recently redone. My travels might stay, but my a cappella posts won’t since they’re already a large part of my social media presence and I don’t see the point in extending that to my blog.

But why restart the blog now?

Because I didn’t want to do another fresh start. However, I find I’m purposefully not blogging because my posts don’t go with what I blog about. Additionally, I realised that I’ve been writing for ten years now so chances are, I’ve learnt a lot and could pass on my tips. Granted, they probably won’t be any different from the millions of other writing tips out there, but hey, worth trying, right?

I’m quite busy this year so writing a weekly blog post feels unlikely. With this fresh start, I’ll start with a monthly blog post and see if it’s possible to slowly rebuild that up to once a week.

I might delete this post after a month or so. I doubt it’ll serve much function beyond that. It’s just an update for those following me when they wonder where all my blog posts have gone.