I’m Laura Broadberry.

I started this blog a few years back with no real purpose other than I wanted to give it a go. However, when I started my creative writing course at university, I focused this blog on reading and writing. Because of this, I struggled to justify other posts on here and decided to create a separate blog for any reviews I wanted to do, minus reading. But as I struggled to keep my blog going, it fell into disarray and changed from a purely reading and writing blog to include travels and lately a cappella, with a few other random posts interspersed in. I did a few fresh starts, but I couldn’t ever keep it going consistently again.

After much thought, I’ve decided to redo my blog completely.

My blog will still focus on writing, since I had the realisation that I have been writing for ten years now, so why not pass on my writing tips? Granted, they’ll probably be the same as every other writing tip out there, but you never know. I might have some writing gems to pass on. Additionally, since my blog is my name and not a specific URL aimed at writing, I want to share more posts about my interests, so expect to see some photography posts, as well as the continuation of my travel posts. I enjoy travelling and writing about my experience is as pivotal to my travels as exploring and appreciating new places and their way of living.

However, I have made the decision to move my reading posts over to my review blog because, I’ll be honest, I’m struggling to convince myself to read, which isn’t something any writer should ever say. I can’t convince myself to sit down and read, which is a real shame since books are such rich and vibrant stories. I have also decided not to write about a cappella anymore since that already dominates my social media presence and I don’t see the point in extending that to my blog.

Additionally, for now my interests are as stated. However, as everyone does, I will inevitably change, and those interests will too. I’ll add or remove interests as and when it’s right to do so.

For now, I will do a weekly blog post. I’m a busy person this year, but I vow to make time for a blog post per week. It’ll give me an excuse to write every week and focus on topics I actually know about. As much as I adore a cappella, it’s apparent I don’t know enough about it, whereas I have learnt and taught myself a lot about writing over ten years so why not pass it on?

I can’t wait to start blogging properly again!


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