My Notebooks

Are you even a writer if you don’t have a large collection of notebooks?

My collection of notebooks from over the years

As any stationery addict will tell you, hoarding notebooks is a big problem. Then you tell everyone, including yourself, they serve a purpose to justify buying yet another notebook. In my case, this problem is only amplified when the only thing I want for my birthday/Christmas is stationery, so really, my loved ones are the problem. Or a small part anyway.

I separated my notebooks into four piles for the purpose of this blog post, but usually they’re one giant stack underneath my desk. I have no other place for them… for now.

Feelings notebook

This notebook isn’t a favourite by any means, but it is a super important to me personally. When I was going through a very bad time in my life, I wrote down my thoughts and feelings in the hopes it’d go away or become easier to manage. It didn’t really work, but the sensation of writing did take my mind off panicking. Plus, it’s good to go back and read through what I experienced and see how I’ve grown since then.

Celtic design notebooks

The larger notebook is my absolute favourite notebook I’ve ever bought, but I face the issue most notebook hoarders have: not wanting to ruin the notebook. The cover has this gorgeous Celtic design with gold sections and the pages look like ancient parchment paper, making it near impossible to start using this notebook. I’m trying to find something magical to go inside, but nothing feels worthy enough.

The smaller Celtic notebook I own I was convinced to buy by my aunt… I think. It’s a complicated cousin situation (something removed?) and I’m not trying to understand it. I was torn between buying so many notebooks that day but the Celtic one stuck out to me, and even my mum conceded it looked pretty. Whilst this cover isn’t as gorgeous as the other one, I still adore the design, and just like the other one, I haven’t found a purpose for it. Yet.

Harry Potter notebooks

Just like most people my age, I have an eternal love for Harry Potter, so why not buy several notebooks to continue that love? Although, funnily enough, out of the four Harry Potter notebooks I own, I only bought one. The rest were bought by my mum.

I’m 99% certain I can find a use for the three notebooks my mum bought me.

Hufflepuff is my Hogwarts house, so naturally, I bought the notebook. But since this is a Hufflepuff notebook, I don’t want to ruin it. I’d rather preserve it as a Hufflepuff notebook than write in it. If I do find a purpose for it, I will definitely use it. However, I’m finding that very unlikely.

Draft notebooks

I struggled to write a draft of my story, so I figured I’d give handwriting it a go. I’ll be honest, while it got the story down easier, I did change details as I went along and it lacked any kind of detail. Also, hand cramps were an issue. Still, it was fun to handwrite down my story whilst watching something in the background on Netflix. I managed to fill a large portion of the notebook too, which I’m proud of.

I’d actually handwritten a draft before in the Winnie the Pooh notebook. One of my best friends used a bigger version of this notebook and I adored it. However, the pages are quite flimsy and one or two fell out, which isn’t ideal. This was a very early draft of a story I did, if not the very first draft. I had fun writing it down and getting the basic story down, whilst also writing around the little doodles. It was refreshing and easy to bring around with you and write. This was back before I had smart phone, so writing on a phone just didn’t work.

For now, I’ll stick to those notebooks. If you’d like to see more of my notebooks, comment below.

Are you a fellow stationery hoarder? Do you have several notebooks that you collect and never use? Or do you use all the notebooks you buy?

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