I’m Laura Broadberry.

I’m a writer.

No matter how many times I’ve given up or quit, I always come back to writing. I’m passionate about it and I’ve now gotten good at it after teaching myself for the past ten years. Although, as with anything in life, I can still improve. Towards the end of last year, I got more serious about writing. Instead of sporadically writing and keeping it as a hobby, I learnt how to write daily, even when I didn’t feel like it, because it felt better to get the words down and watch the story unfold.

However, I’m not just a writer.

I’m a traveller. An amateur photographer. A music lover, especially of a cappella. A sporadic reader. A stationery addict. A history enthusiast. A geek in general.

For a glimpse into who I am, follow me on my Twitter account and my multiple Instagram accounts (personal / writing).

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