I’m Laura Broadberry.

I started this blog a few years back with no real purpose other than I wanted to give it a go. However, when I started my creative writing course at university, I focused this blog on reading and writing. Because of this, I struggled to justify other posts on here. But as I struggled to keep my blog going, it fell into disarray and changed. I did a few fresh starts, but I couldn’t ever keep it going consistently again.

I have realised the pressure to post a weekly blog post is too much for me to handle, and going forward, I will aim for a monthly blog post. I have also realised the pressure to post purely reading and writing is tough, despite that being who I am, and perhaps who people have grown to know me online.

If I had named this a reading/writing specific URL, perhaps I would feel guilty for abandoning the one consistent part of who I am. However, since it is my name, I can post what I like, when I like. The pressure to post on a self-imposed schedule is dumb, especially when it sucks the fun out of blogging. I enjoy other things, and posting about them in more depth than social media allows is (perhaps) the way to go.

During this new decade, I’ll commit to a blog post per month, and I will blog what I like instead of constraining myself to one topic. But beyond that, I can’t guarantee anything with this blog. It could follow into disarray again, or worse, yet another fresh start (I’m sorry).

I hope you stick around for whatever this blog will become.

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