Books vs. E-Books vs. Audiobooks


There has long been a debate over which is better since e-books existence. But with the rise of audiobooks, I figured they deserved a place in this debate.



There’s something nice about holding a physical book and what comes with it. Flipping pages, new/old book smell, folded corners. You can’t beat the physical sensation of a book. Bonus: if you drop your book in the water, it won’t do anything but maybe crease the pages.


Carrying around a physical book is heavy, especially when you only bring a small bag around with you. Additionally, if you care about the physical appearance of your book, carrying around a book could potentially scratch the cover and make it more battered.



You can have a lot of books stored in your library, and even if there’s not enough storage space on your device, you can store it in the cloud. Plus, they’re usually quite light so carrying them around is easy.


While they’re becoming more waterproof now, they generally won’t survive long periods of time in water. Not to mention you have to charge the device and remembering to do so can be easily forgotten.



You can listen to any book you want anywhere you go. Just pop on an audiobook and away you go. They’re easy to use and convenient if you don’t have a lot of time to sit down and read.


You might not concentrate when listening to them and you might then miss a crucial part of the story, or just get totally lost. Additionally, like the e-books, you’ll need to charge it on whichever device you use.

Which do you prefer to use and why?