NaNoWriMo (2015)

NaNoWriMo is officially upon us, and I’m feeling surprisingly calm about it. Perhaps because this is my 4th year doing it, or perhaps because I’ve got so much to do, it hasn’t sunk it I’m doing it. Yet. I’ve still got some last preparation to get done by tonight too.

At midnight, Halloween will be over, and NaNoWriMo will begin. I hope to begin writing at midnight, but we’ll see how I feel. Tomorrow might be dedicated to that instead. I need to get ahead of myself though because November is going to be a hectic month for me and there will be multiple days where I won’t be able to write.

There isn’t much extra to say except good luck to everyone participating. Here’s to another year and another challenge, and here’s to hoping this draft will be the start of something brilliant.

Day One

I really do write best at night time. I was so inspired to write that I easily banged out 3000 words. Not quite as much as I’d like to have gotten. I was aiming for 5000 for the first day, but no matter. I can make that up tomorrow. But I’ve realised a problem already. I don’t know the surnames for my characters, or basic information like that about my characters, and as much world building as I did, I didn’t do the fine details. Argh!

Day Two

I’m beginning to struggle. I’ve realised the issue with the surnames, the basic information and the world building, but for now, I’m gonna continue to wing it. I’m ending the night on 5000+ words. Woo hoo! I’m still inspired to write, and I’m letting the chapters have a life of their own. I’m just not sure if I’m doing too much dialogue and not enough description at times, and I’m also not sure if what I’m writing is entirely relevant. Sometimes, I think I’m not featuring enough about this new character in my main protagonist’s life. But maybe subtle at first is good.

Day Three

I got no writing done today, and with no real valid excuse either. I procrastinated, which is terrible considering I’m attempting to go ahead of myself. I shall make up for it tomorrow! Simultaneously, I’ll need to do my university work, so we’ll see which triumphs, and how the writing goes, if it does.

Day Four

After spending much of the day not doing much, I had a writing spurt. I managed to write about 3000+ words tonight, and I’m proud of that. I love this feeling where I just want to keep writing and never stop. Unfortunately, my university work keeps calling me, and I keep ignoring it.

Day Five

I unfortunately got no writing done today for no reason except I spent longer buying something than I thought I would. On the plus side, I did manage to get some university work done.

Day Six

No writing done again today. I’m beginning to struggle, which is a very bad sign. I’m still procrastinating. Argh! I was meant to do some university work again today and write in the afternoon and play games in the evening. Unfortunately, life happened and I had to deal with a problem, and I procrastinated, again. I blame that incident for my procrastination today, because I woke up motivated, and quickly lost it after the incident.

Day Seven

I managed to get just over 2000 words written today. Honestly, I get so much done when I’m on the train. I’ll admit, I’m not the proudest of this chapter, but I am proud of myself for getting to 10,000 words overall. Woo! Just a day behind now. I’m gonna see if I can bash out 5000 words tomorrow (if uni work and mundane life stuff don’t get in the way).

Day Eight

I’ll be honest and say I honestly wasn’t feeling it today. I was kept busy, and even if I wasn’t, I’m beginning to feel the ‘I can’t write’ feeling. I’m writing too much dialogue and not enough description, not to mention I still have background information to figure out. I’m actually beginning to doubt whether I can do this this year, because I’m honestly just feeling swamped and overwhelmed. Let’s hope my determination wins out.

Day Nine

I’m beginning the week in a slump. I’ve got too much university work to do (which I neglected over reading week), and I’m just not feeling like writing right now. I know I’ll regret it when the weekend comes around, but I need to deal with this mountain of work before I do anything else.

Day Ten

I’ve given up trying to catch up with my uni work in one big go, so I’ll do it in little chunks. I’ve also given up caring whether I’m writing enough description or not. I binge wrote today between 1000-1500 words, and I’m happy I’ve at least done that. It’s a step in the right direction to writing again.

Day Eleven

I have been swept off my feet today by how busy I’ve been kept. If I haven’t been at university attending lectures/workshops, I’ve been catching up on my readings. On top of that, I went to a society meeting that I didn’t think would overrun, so I’ve legit only been able to pop on here since 10pm. Honestly, I’m exhausted, and I’ve got a full day tomorrow. However, I will have at least an hour and 45 minutes to write, which is desperately needed. I basically need to write 9k to get to 20k by the weekend. Argh! Definitely going to a write in on the weekend. I need it.

Day Twelve

So I was meant to go to a write in this morning but I really wasn’t feeling great. I’ll still definitely need to write 9k by the weekend, not to mention doing other university work I’ve neglected thanks to media work taking up the majority of my time. Here’s to hoping I can get back on track, because like yesterday, I’ve been swept off my feet all day. I’m looking forward to a day off, I won’t lie.

Day Thirteen

I felt inspired today, but just like all the other days, my media work took priority. On the plus side, I managed to write a hundred words or so, which, again, is a start, but not nearly enough. I’m hoping I’ll find time to just write tomorrow.

Day Fourteen

I was so productive yesterday, but in the domestic way. No writing again today, but I’ll write more at the write in tomorrow. I’ll never reach 20k otherwise! At least I’ve been somewhat productive.

Day Fifteen

I didn’t go to the write in today because I spent all day taking pictures for a friend, and I ended up procrastinating tonight. Oops! I’m not entirely sure I’m gonna do this. I’m now 15k behind the word limit. I could probably turn this around, but I have a ton to do this month. We’ll see what happens, but I’m not hopeful.

Unfortunately, I regret to inform anyone reading this post that I’ve had to drop out of NaNoWriMo. I made this decision three days ago, after I failed to reach the word count I’m supposed to by now. I’m at least 15,000 words behind target now, and I simply cannot find any time to write. Any spare moment I have, I’m either catching up on TV shows or doing domestic jobs, like grocery shopping or laundry.

The reason for my dropping out is purely my university course. I didn’t do any work over reading week and boy do I regret that now! The workload is just overwhelming me, and feels like my life is constantly moving and I’m barely finding time to breathe. I’m doing a joint degree, and unfortunately, my media half is taking up all my time. If I’m not reading the 30 pages worth of reading being set, I’m trying to code a website. I’m supposed to be doing the required readings for one of my creative writing modules, but I haven’t found time to do so. On top of that, I’m supposed to be writing for my creative writing modules, and just like NaNoWriMo, I haven’t found the time to write for them.

Life’s just super hectic and stressful right now, and I really regret having to drop out. I had to drop something, and unfortunately, it was NaNoWriMo.

Rest assured, I shall continue this novel, but when I actually have time to do so. This is a novel I’ve been writing for about 5 years now, and I could never give it up completely. I will finish it, but how long it’ll take me is a question I can’t answer.

Good luck to anyone still going! Even if you’ve only written 10,000 words or less, that’s an achievement, and you’re already beating the dreamers. You’ve actually sat down and written something, unlike the dreamers who dream of their novel but never actually write it. I congratulate you for that much, and even more so if you’re still going. I’ll be super impressed if you’ve managed to hit 50,000 words already (and jealous too).

Good luck! You’re more than halfway through. You can do this!