NaNoWriMo (2017)

Week One

Boy what a week!

I’ve never had a first week where I’ve been so conflicted with my story before, nor have I typed my story and felt that spark of excitement as I obsessively type away every day. Normally, by the end of the first week, I’ve lost some of that excitement. But with nothing to distract me (for now), it’s bliss to just write everyday. Absolute bliss. All too soon, that will end when I start work officially. But if I can stay ahead of myself over the next week or so, I can do this.

Never before have I written my story and wondered whether what I was writing was relevant. The first chapter was very much focused on my main character, but the next two chapters? Um… maybe not. However, those supporting characters are brilliant and not only easy to write but incredibly fun too. Whoop! But this isn’t a good sign, I realise that. In my next chapter, I’ve figured out a way to make the plot relevant to my protagonist again so the focus stays on her.

Never before have I started NaNoWriMo and decided six days in how I could redo the entire story. I’ll admit, there was one year where I was starting a story and decided I wouldn’t have enough content to make it 50k words so I continued a draft I was 16k into already (cheating? pfft, what’s that?), but that’s not the same. At 1am, I decided that the supporting characters are more interesting and perhaps one of them should be my main character instead. Not reassuring when you’ve barely started NaNoWriMo.

Alas, here’s my dilemma: I adore what I’ve written. It’s not relevant. Or at least, it’s not yet. It feels like I’m building to the first action that’ll set everything off. But it hasn’t happened yet. It’s all quite boring things to a reader, but not to me. So does that make it boring? Interesting question to contemplate. Regardless, I am loving every second I am writing this story despite the fact it’s mostly irrelevant. Do I care? Not yet! In an edit, I definitely will. But for now? I am gonna enjoy this.

Word count: 15,222

Week Two

Week two is always a struggle. I don’t know many NaNoWriMoers who can successfully get through week two without feeling that struggle. In fact, I’m almost convinced it’s a pivotal part of NaNoWriMo. Once you get through the week two struggle, it should be easier… in theory.

I am no exception.

In fact, I’ve been struggling since the first few days. I’ve struggled to not think I should redo my story because the plot feels largely irrelevant and like one giant filler. I adore what I’m writing, which really isn’t helping the problem, but I can’t seem to stop my mind from telling me I’m putting far too much detail into mundane details rather than the overarching plot.

I might quit too. I’ve been considering it for the past two weeks. The above reasons are reason enough, but add on starting a job for the first time and writing seems like a background task. Not to mention feeling my time slip away thanks to my new job (which I am super excited but super nervous about) and knowing any free time I have has to go towards Christmas shopping and seeing loved ones.

We shall see if I continue writing or not. For now, here’s a hesitant writer’s desperate writing attempt at a vague plot that may or may not be totally irrelevant. But hey, isn’t that every NaNoWriMoer?

Word Count: 24,590

Week Three

I knew this was inevitable.

Am I sad?


Simultaneously, I’m not.

This will sound like an excuse for why I’m quitting this year, but honestly? I’ve gotta sort out my life first. I’ve finally got my first job and the anxiety that has accompanied it has drained me well and truly. Additionally, as is evident in my previous blog posts, I’m lacking the motivation because I wanna start again. I know everyone gets this way in November, but I cannot keep writing something I’m regretting with each chapter. Not because I’m not enjoying writing it, but because I need to sort out my protagonist and tweak my plot in a major way.

I will keep writing but I’m waiting until January. I’m too busy between now and then to do anything but work and prepare for Christmas. Still, I look forward to starting again in January.

Good luck to anyone participating.

You can do it!