NaNoWriMo (2018)

Week One

While week one has only been four days long, I’ve already fallen behind. But I’m hoping to play catch up tonight, especially since I might not get a chance to write tomorrow either.

The advantage and disadvantage of writing a month beforehand is I’ve already written a fair amount. However, most have been snippets of scenes, so I need to choose where to expand and what scenes I’ve avoided.

My aim for the end of the night is to reach 5,000 words, but I’m being optimistic, considering my uncle is visiting and I haven’t got long before I go to bed. Hopefully I can reach 1,700 words and catch up on Friday instead. Or tonight, if I really knuckle down and figure out what I need to write.

Week Two

I’m still behind. But I decided to write in a coffee shop for a few hours today and I managed to double my usual word count, so I’m not as behind as I was. I’m still at least 3,000 words behind, but I’m hoping to go to a write in at some point this week, so hopefully that’ll help.

I usually struggle in the second week, but since I’ve been writing a month beforehand this year, it’s been a journey so far. I find writing to and from work helps massively because I’m inspired by my reality around me, whereas on the weekend, I have to motivate myself and set aside time to write, which is a struggle. Especially if I don’t go outside all day.

I was hoping to catch up this weekend, but I haven’t. However, hopefully I can catch up by the end of next week. Maybe even pull ahead. Last month, I fell behind and stayed behind, so I wrote less than I wanted to. This month, I’m determined not to fall too badly behind. If I miss a day, I’ll have to play catch up, so I’m really trying not to. Even if I only write 300 words, that’s still better than 0, and it gives me more time to catch up. Additionally, since I’m working, I only really get two hours once I’m home to write, if I’m not being sociable or watching a TV show instead. In that respect, it’s been a struggle.

Let’s hope I can catch up before the end of NaNoWriMo!

Week Three

I’ve made it to week three! I’ve now gotten over the week two struggle, which hasn’t been as much a struggle this year as in previous years, but still a struggle since I was ill. I was already behind, so falling behind again wasn’t ideal.

However, I’m now only about 3,000 words behind instead of 5,000+. I’ve spent the past three days writing more than necessary to try and catch up. Although, I wasted precious writing time by shopping or travelling, and I’m annoyed at myself for that. I had aimed to write 5,000 words per day on Saturday and Sunday, but alas, life never works the way you want it to.

Thankfully, this week is a little different from previous weeks. For starters, I’m not at work this week, and the place I am at has set times for me to be there, meaning I get to finish earlier than I usually do. A little more time in the evening is so pivotal to my writing success. If I can write 2,000 words per day, I might slowly catch up. If not, I really will need to force myself to just write on the weekend to catch up. Otherwise, it might be a serious struggle to reach 50,000.

Week Four

To think, a week from now, NaNoWriMo 2018 will be finished.

Personally, I can’t wait. I’ve barely found the time to write 1,700 words everyday, and from now on, I’m gonna aim to write 1,000 words per day. It’s much more manageable and gives me more time to do what I want in the evening.

After nearly catching up last weekend and only needing an extra thousand words or less, I fell behind again this week. I was exhausted on Friday and I ran out of time yesterday, so I wrote 5k today alone. I had originally aimed for 10k, but that was overly ambitious. Unfortunately, I am busy two days this week, so I’m hoping I can either write a lot on three out of the five remaining nights, or I can just binge write on Friday afternoon/evening.

I’ve nearly caught up again. This time, I’m a few hundred words behind. I could catch up tonight, but we’ll see how I feel and what else I have to do.

Post NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is over for another year.

Congrats to all those who reached 50k! Or even those bold souls who went over 100k! But equally, congrats to anyone who entered NaNoWriMo in the first place and wrote some words. It doesn’t matter if you barely wrote 100 words or 5k words or 30k words. What matters is you wrote, which is more than some people can say.

Every year, NaNoWriMo is a journey for me and I barely ever make it. Life just always has a way of interrupting me and throwing me curve balls. This year, since I’ve been writing the month beforehand, I was able to stay pretty consistent, but I did go out two nights and catch a cold a few days before the end of November. Not the best end to the month.

I’ve also realised my story is only half done. I originally wanted to separate my story into two books, but I think it makes sense to make it two parts. Although, I’m not entirely sure what to write for the second part. I’m taking a mini break, perhaps a month long break, because I’ve been neglecting other things that I now have the time to focus on and I’m honestly exhausted. I’ve been juggling too much and it’s taking a toll on me mentally and physically.

I might still write because I’ve now got myself into a sort of routine. But it has to be at my own pace. I struggled to write 1,700 words every day and felt guilty if I missed a day or two. I need regular breaks, especially considering how stressed I get at work. I’ll aim for 500-1000 words per day, if I can. But if I need to do other things, I’ll prioritise those over my writing.